Is designed to be an ENVIRONMENTALLY STABLE SOLVENT and is formulated from A NATURALLY OCCURING Organic gas
Has an explosion point that is much HIGHER than petroleum based solvents
Has a Complete Evaporating Point (CEP) or FULLY VANISHING POINT that is even lower than that of petroleum based products, such as butane
Contains zero HEAVY METALS
Is refined 12 times and is engineered to be MORE POWERFUL than butane
Will remove any oil particles from the surfaces and grooves of the processing equipment that Butane may leave behind

For 60 years, the most common and cheapest method to extract cannabinoid oils (also known as “wax”, “bho”, and “shatter”) from cannabis plants has been through the use of propane and butane.

It wasn’t until recently that the public started to voice their concerns over the risks and health related issues that could be caused by the use of oils that had been extracted with propane and butane.

Propane and butane are byproducts of petroleum obtained during the refining process, or they have been collected from the cavity on top of petroleum deposits. What that means is that propane and butane share the same heavy metal properties as petroleum.

Extractors use so called “purging” methods to eliminate the heavy metals – and then further process the extraction by winterizing, boiling, etc. However, purging and winterizing does not guarantee total elimination of heavy metals. Furthermore, since so many producers rely on various modifications to their purging processes without any standardization, there are no guarantees that heavy metal will be safely removed from the extraction.

Additionally, propane and butane extraction methods do not preserve the Terpene elements that are extremely important to medicinal, sensory, and taste qualities of the extraction.